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January 22, 2017

I feel helpless and frustrated: looking at a breakdown in communication, automatic distrust, violence, and fear that seems to surround us.

My boyfriend and I recently started watching this show, Braindead.  It’s fairly ridiculous, gross, funny… and thought provoking as good satire always is. The show’s premise is this: brain-eating alien bugs have infiltrated Capitol Hill and are gnawing away at the brains of politicians and regular folk alike. The result is extreme bipartisanship, a violent split between “one-wayers” and “no-wayers”. All this, of course, is part of a dastardly alien plan: keep the humans fighting themselves, so they can’t defend themselves from what is coming – hahaha… wait.

Looking back at myself, I guess I’d call myself an "in-betweener". On bad days, this means someone who is confused about her identity, unable to choose between paths, uncertain about who to believe and what to support. On good days, this means that I hold multiple identities and see through multiple eyes; that in thinking about 'what path to choose', I also think about how to 'weave different paths into one'. That questioning my own assumptions is not the antithesis to believing and defending my beliefs. That persuasion can only happen if I am also open to being persuaded.  

So yes. I feel frustrated and helpless. But I am also heartened by the people who surround me, who are seeking to do better, be better. Learn to put words into actions, and stitch individual actions into movements.

I’m not sure what the form of this next project will be

But I think I’ll call it  


Something to help me delve into

issues that divide  

us into a hated “them” or infallible “us” 

It’ll contain cartoons 

Which could be stupid, or could be cool… 

Perhaps a little bit of both

So. Now that I’ve told you  

The next step is to do it.


Until then, please read one of the best pieces of writing that I’ve read on this topic this year (written by my friend Laura Casteel). Link below!  


*** Declaring Independence   ***