p.s. Bottlerocket & Beautiful Lives update (from 2013 Letter)

Yesterday around 2am, I put the finishing touches on Bottlerocket's first complete "Life Map " for the Beautiful Lives (mapping) Project:

This is Amble, my first interviewee.  You can see her work with Remember/Imagined here


This project is one which I've been hard at work on for the past 5 months (groundwork since July!).  As an artist and a writer, I've always yearned to reach and audience and to "do some good" in this world via my craft. I became interested in "community based" artwork as a medium for positive social change when I was an undergrad student at Duke.  Since graduating in May 2012, I've been exploring what "my" art would look like under these terms.And by golly, through a LOT of trial and error, failures, false starts, coffee inflamed stress sessions and manic all nighters, I think I've finally found it.  

I remember composing my artist's statement for my senior distinction piece in 2012. This is what I wrote: 

"Above all, my love for art grows out of a soil that yearns for the inherent human capacity to connect with one another – to connect with other, unique, human beings."

Reflecting back, it's amazing how full circle things have come. The Beautiful Life project, sister project to my startup Bottlerocket (which is just finding its feet - we just incorporated as a Delaware C corp in December!) is precisely about this search for human connection and empathy. And the belief that the power of human empathy and connection, leading to action, equals wondrous things to our community. Our world.  

Basically my goal is not only world peace, but WORLD AWESOMENESS.  

I don't believe this is a pipe dream, or unrealistic, or pie in the sky.  I think this shared vision is possible if our world is made of passionate  “engaged-at-every-level” global citizens: not only working together to make our world a better place, but inspiring and aiding each other in the process.

Beautiful Lives & Bottlerocket is on a mission to connect and enable those lives through documentation, storytelling, and mentorship (all interweaving)

I hope to talk to you again soon.

You've lovely, lovely stories.  

I'd love to tell them;)