Jan-Mar 2014 P.S. - Bottlerocket and Beautiful Lives

These past 3 months have been crazy busy - full of growing (growing pains, growing excitement, growing of skills et cetera ad nauseum) for my professional career.

Bottlerocket officially became it's own legal entity at the end of 2013, but of course that's just paper. The team is working hard to push out a testable product by this summer, by which time we'll be doing continual improvements based on user feedback.

Personally, I've been working to clarify and embrace my role as the cofounder of this technology company with a big social vision.

Where does my art and social/civic background fit in with the growth of Bottlerocket?

My answer thus far is this:

As Community Manager - I broadcast Bottlerocket’s message and help people who follow Bottlerocket to share their work, meet each other, and learn how to improve their work/lives through goals.
As Cofounder - I identify and connect with strategic partners, interns, legal representation, PR opportunities, and help guide the direction of our company.
As Resident Storyteller - I design and develop the Beautiful Lives Project (beautifullivesproject.tumblr.com/), a parallel project to Bottlerocket inc (www.bottlerocket.my)

These three roles intertwine and support each other within trio frameworks of artwork, social movement, and enterprise.

I am also incredibly lucky to be working with Jude DeTar (my cofounder).

He has encouraged me to stretch into roles which I never thought I'd take on, and provides honest, insightful, and non-coddling feedback in areas where I need to improve. I hope that he can say the same about me. So here's a shout out to you, Jude, if you've read this far. I enjoy working with you enormously:) Here's to our dream.


- Linda