Jan-Mar 2014 P.S. - Duke Moxie

Near the end of February, I had the wonderful opportunity to be back on Duke's campus again. This time, in the company of many, amazing women - classes of 50's all the way up to recent alums like me (I graduated in 2012, for reference).

Meeting, interacting and simply being with so many amazing women was truly fantastic.

As a writer, I'm all for original details. So instead of re-hashing my experience, here's a note I doodled/wrote to myself that weekend.

Lingering thoughts after the last Duke women’s forum event.  I won’t rehash the text squeezed - and I mean squeezed - into this valiant yellow sticky (you can click it to read my microscopic text, should you wish).

But the last event of this alumna weekend asked us all to consider the question of:

“what is YOUR question?”.

What question do I ask myself every day? To give and remind myself of my purpose - if I have one at all.

And my question, (without question) at 24 is this: “how can my passion for art touch the lives other than mine?”.

I’ve never verbalized this as a question before, but as soon as I jotted it down, it clicked into place. An “ah” moment.

This is why I chose to study art at Duke.

This is why I did my HART fellowship.

This is why I’m doing the Beautiful Lives Project and

THIS IS WHY I founded Bottlerocket with Jude.

I believe in our company, young and unproven as it is. I believe in our dream. I believe that it is (for me) my greatest and most challenging artwork yet - needing me to learn to use “tools and brushes” completely alien to me. But what else has my pursuit of art been but an exercise in exploration, discomfort, discovery and celebration? I’m excited to see where we go.