2014 "Hua Dan Book"/Hart's Journey Reflections

"I've found joy in my work at Hua Dan (a China based social enterprise dedicated to using theater to work with Beijing's migrant community), in talking with and being shared stories and memories from some truly wonderfully people. How to capture even a BIT of the spirit present in this wonderful, contradictory, sometimes frustrating but hyper *LOVE* charged place?"

- I wrote this back in 2013, as I was leaving my job at Hua Dan.


In 2014, I finally designed (wrote and illustrated) an answer to that question.


This has  been an enormous project - which could not have been possible without the support of many people: thank you proof-readers, studio partners, tireless translators. Next step? I'd like to bring this to print! I will make this my first kickstarter experience.


2014 "Hua Dan Book"/Hart's Journey Reflections:

from the depths of my Bottlerocket Journal/project profile.

2014 Q4 Review: This was a HUGE year for this book. A mad rush of illustrations, the epiphany of using my own doodle/comic strip method of threading the stories together. I drew on my past experience of book design to make a finished digital product and I FINALLY delivered (albeit in digital format) what I envisioned back to Hua Dan and Hart - my dual families of 2012-2013.  And at the very end of 2014, I was able to put together the finished Chinese version as well - with the help of trusty Hua DAn volunteers. 

This has given me the push I need to do a small-scale kickstarter.  Worst case scenario: the kickstarter in unsuccessful and I don't print as many copies to give back to Hua Dan.  GOAL: I print enough so that I can keep 2 copies, I can give 2 copies to HART, and I can give 20 copies to Hua Dan Best case scenario: It's over-funded and I'm able to make a significant donation to the organization which gave me so much, and provides so many with an amazing service.

Either way - it should be a learning experience.