2014 Reflection: Job Searching in Edu & DukeEngage

DukeEngage Zhuhai-ers performing in Beijing's Banta migrant village as part of a musical/art exchange

Mentorship and support provided in both one-to-one sessions and group reflection activities.

8) Job Search
9) DukeEngage

JOB SEARCH - since deciding to put Bottlerocket on hold, I've been job searching. I've freelanced as a visual researcher for a theater production and walked through years of civil rights history and Ol'Miss football. I dabbled in Pr and marketing. I sat down and faced the (boring/intimidating) demons of resume edits and cover letter writing. I've had really good interview and then never heard back. I've applied for jobs I wasn't over the moon about and gotten (somehow) offers. I've had moments of doubt and moments of clarity - and in a particular moment of clarity - this is what I ended up with: 1) I want to be providing whole person education to children and youth 2a) I want to create beautiful works (e.g. Illustrated books!) that entertain, educate and inspire 2b) I want to build bridges between the U.S. And china 3) I want to BE somewhere, DO something or work with PEOPLE who let me do no.1 or no. Better. Phew. .

DukeEngage Zhuhai - a summer working with the program that was such a formative part of my identity. Music, service, art and teaching - our students with their students and my first experience administering and mentoring a civic engagement program. These students inspire me.