Panda Cub Storytime #1: Why Cat is missing from the Chinese Zodiac | 12 生肖里为什么没有猫


The first 2 minutes of the video = letter to my former students.  Skip directly to storytime here (2:16)!

Why Cat is missing from the Chinese Zodiac

12 生肖里为什么没有猫

As told by 易Linda for the Panda Cubs


This is my first ever video letter to the Panda Cubs!
To the students and teachers at Panda Cub Academy, hope this video letter finds all of you well (and hopefully you've dug your way out of all that snow!).

Hope you like this story - this was one of my favorites growing up and explained (in part) to the 2 year old me why our neighborhood cat was so grumpy...

Feedback requested:

I told this story bilingually with the English and Chinese interwoven. What do you think of the style? (It does make the physical telling of the story twice as long). Would you like it better if I told the story twice, once in Chinese and once in English? I'm still exploring the storytelling format.

Apologies for the un-ideal video and sound quality. Some things I'm working to change, but this isn't my area of artistic forte. Learning as I go, so to speak:)

Love from,
Linda laoshi.