Panda Cub Storytime: #2 Xiyouji No.1. The Stone Monkey

Panda Cub story time is back!

Today, I launch into a big storytelling venture: a bilingual retelling of the Chinese classic: Journey to the West (西游记). In this episode, the Stone Monkey is born (skip to 1:43 for the beginning of the story):

Journey to the West was my favorite story growing up. Indeed, it was my constant companion, and teacher. Before my family moved to the US, an aunt had gifted me with a box set of "Xin Bian Xiyouji" cassette tapes (New Journey to the West). 

The 4 year old (and then 5, 6 ... 12...) me listened to these tapes obsessively. On loop. These stories, narrated by the talented Donghao, left an indelible love for both storytelling and Chinese culture on me. 

I attribute my strong connection and desire to learn more about my Chinese heritage to these stories. So! I wanted to do my part to continue to share these stories with you, Panda Cubs and beyond!

I hope you like them! 

Love from,
Linda laoshi. 

Sources consulted in making this bilingual version: 
Xinbian Xi You Ji (New Journey to the West - audio books by Dong Hao

西游记 吴承恩 original text. 文化艺术出版社 
Journey to the West - translation by Anthony C. Yu

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