Hi. I'm 易Linda.

( ^ Ultra realistic self portrait )

(^ Ultra realistic self portrait)

As soon as I could grip a stubby crayon, I started scribbling... and haven't stopped since.

I was 4 when I left China (one home) for the USA (my other). I grew up reading Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl, wrinkled my way through time and roamed where the wild things were. I fought battles with Redwall and dreamed of practicing my witchy-ness Hogwarts.

At the same time, I grew up hearing stories of the mischievous and powerful Sun Wukong a Monkey King who tricked and defeated monstrous opponents and heavenly lords.  I drifted in the lyrical beauty of Tang Poetry. My imagination swam with the gentle fairy maidens of Chinese lore, who lived in lands of dragon kings and palaces in the sky. 


My two identities, one Chinese and the other American, were - are - shaped by the stories which are now part of my bones.  

Yes, stories shaped me. They shape us too.  Stories are not just entertaining, they are magical: the type of magic which transports a reader to distant lands. The type of magic that makes one pause and say: "Hey wait. I never thought about that that way before". The type of magic which unites a diverse community under a common experience...  And a type of magic which transcends national and cultural boundaries. 

I dream of creating such stories* - tales that educate, inspire and unite.

*Much (if not all) of my subject matter is drawn from my Chinese heritage.